How to become a Chamber Choir singer

The Choir

The Chamber Choir began its activities in September 2021. It is expected to sing about thirty services in the Cathedral each year, often undertaking all the services for a weekend when the Cathedral Choir is absent (eg at half term or immediately after the major festivals). In addition, it aims to undertake three or four Parish visits each year, typically singing evensong, will sing at three or four weddings and/or funerals and spend a period in residence in another cathedral during the month of August. There are around forty weekly rehearsals, held in the Cathedral song school, currently on Thursday evenings. Members are expected to attend the majority of rehearsals and services.

The singers

There is no typical Chamber Choir member! Some have sung in choral societies, some in parish churches. Some were cathedral choristers as children; some have sung as adults in voluntary choirs in other cathedrals. Good sight-reading is important as is a keen ear. Voices need to be able to blend well whilst maintaining the independence of the separate parts.

Audition format

Membership of the choir is achieved via an audition, which will consist of a short prepared piece (it could be a hymn or folk tune, a piece of repertoire or a section of a longer work), some sight-reading and aural tests and a chat with Alex Hamilton, our music director; please bring music if you wish to be accompanied.

Members are required to submit to re-audition every two years.

Next stage

If you would like to join us, contact the Choir Secretary using the form provided.